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Greet guests → pay attention to the signal → prologe → product display → listen to judge customer needs and do a good job of product collocation → record customer personal and consumption information → cashier service → see off guests

First, about the price

Price is the quantity of money required for a unit of goods to be exchanged for money (an index of proportions, which is wrong; indices are dimensionless and only exist for various commodities), or price is the expression of value (currency deletion, value itself is expressed in terms of money). Price is the transformation form of Commodity Exchange value obtained in the circulation process. In economics and business, a price is a number of values for goods, services and assets expressed in money. In microeconomics, price is one of the important variables in the redistribution of resources between demand and supply.

Second, about product quality

Quality is a physical quantity measuring the size of translational inertia of objects. Pinyin: Zhi Liang, meaning the quality of products or work, improve quality (the degree of a group of inherent characteristics to meet the requirements). In sociology, the presence of (objective) values or feelings of the subject, as in (observed) social quality (the adaptability and level of life of the masses of a society).

Iii. Transportation

Transportation refers to the logistics activity of transporting objects from one place to another with specific equipment and tools. It is the spatial displacement of objects in different regions for the purpose of changing the spatial position of objects.